Zhejiang Yongchang Electric Corporation is a corporation diversified technology-based company which combines perfectly humanistic ideology with production and development. It is the first company in China motor industry that puts forward this combination, and this idea not only points out the developing direction for the company itself but also presents other motor companies a new subject that worth more consideration.


For a company, 20 years can be brief and long. In China motor industry, there was once surged a lot of new companies, of which some disappeared quietly and some paced up and down without knowing how to keep forward. Yongchang is the only one that stands fast and forges ahead in this challenging area, with a strong sense of direction.


Zhejiang Yongchang Electric Corporation takes sustainable development as its business guidance. In face of furious market competition, we always carry out the mission of man- ufacturing more and more environmental friendly products and improving human's living quality in the past 25 years. We stick to the principle of “Customer is priority, Quality is foundation", and take strict checks on every process when producing every single piece of product. Remarkable products quality enables us to sell our products to more than 40 countries and regions all over the world, and our yearly output has reached to 10 million. We have initiated a new era for oversea sales of Chinese motor industry. In the mean-time, Yongchang will growing sustainably by its innovative modern mechanism, scientific management modes, elite administration team, and human-oriented company culture to keep its leading position in the industry. 


For present and future, Yongchang will move forward in the motor industry like roes flying in the sky, and seek for more technical breakthrough in a wider and higher field.


New factory



New Plant:

180 hectares

800 employees

New Faculty:

R&D Center

Center Laboratory

Central Storage

20 workshops

New Capability:

Daily 100, 000 Units,

Yearly 32 million


New Aim:

World Top 10 Motor

and control supplier.