Analysis of the daily use of the motor burned

Update:26 Oct 2018

We often see or use a motor in our daily life. A motor […]

We often see or use a motor in our daily life. A motor is an electromagnetic device that converts or transmits electrical energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Today we will analyze the reasons why we use motors in our daily lives but are burned.

The reason for this situation in the motor is:

1. The fuse of the motor power supply circuit is in poor contact or the fuse is blown due to mechanical damage;

2. The three-phase fuse of our motor power supply circuit has different specifications, so the fuse with small capacity is easy to blow. When selecting the fuse, the appropriate fuse should be selected according to the power of the motor;

3. In daily life, the switch of the power supply circuit, the cover switch and other contacts of the contactor and the contacts of the contactor are burnt or loose, which may lead to the lack of phase of the high-pressure fan motor. Therefore, it should be repaired and adjusted in time. Dynamic and static contacts to ensure good contact;

4. If the line breaks, there will be a lack of phase. Find the broken line and connect firmly.

5. The virtual welding between the motor windings leads to a lack of contact due to poor contact. The motor winding connection wire should be carefully checked and soldered.