Causes the washing machine motor to "beep"

Update:18 Oct 2018

In the case of determining that the washing machine mot […]

In the case of determining that the washing machine motor is broken, the motor of the washing machine is mostly a capacitive motor. This motor stator has two sets of windings (primary and secondary windings) with a total of three lead wires. One of them is the common end point A of the two windings, typically black or white. Under the motor, you have to replace a new motor of the same model.

If the old motor is used for a long time, the lead wire will be seriously faded and cannot be recognized, or the new motor lead color purchased can not be connected with the common body of the original figure. If it is wrong. This will cause the motor to "beep" and not start, and it will burn out the motor for a long time.

For the correct wiring, the common lead of the winding A is connected to the power supply line, and the other two ends of the two windings, B and C leads are respectively connected to the capacitor. In this case, the multimeter should be used to discriminate the lead wires of the motor. Rotate the multimeter to the resistor Rx10, and measure the resistance of any two of the three leads of the motor with red and black.

Thus, there are three resistance values ??in pairs, and the two leads with the largest resistance are the B and C leads of the two windings of the motor. Solder them separately to the ends of the capacitor; the other is the common terminal A. Connect the power cord. After this connection, if the motor rotates in the opposite direction during dehydration, just replace the two leads that are found at the ends of the capacitor and solder them together.