Crisis and opportunity coexist in 2016

Update:09 Jan 2017

For most small and medium-sized motor companies, this y […]

For most small and medium-sized motor companies, this year's day is not very tough, rising raw material and so on a series of problems in this year is particularly prominent, and even some small and medium enterprises in a closed the crisis of bankruptcy.In order to ease the cost pressure, motor companies have to find alternatives to silicon steel sheet, which produce quality problems and worrying.

Since this year, the domestic production of cold-rolled steel, iron and steel enterprise is affected by upstream raw materials rose, and constantly improve the ex-factory price for cold rolled silicon-steel sheet, transfer cost pressure to the downstream enterprises.Motors, electrical appliances, household appliances, material intensive industry in small and medium-sized motor industry, for example: silicon steel sheet is one of the main raw materials, accounts for about a third of the total production cost.And because of the small and medium-sized motor industry in oversupply situation, competition is fierce, in the face of silicon steel prices rose sharply, difficult.

Small and medium-sized motor companies in order to survive, beginning from can only reduce the cost of raw material procurement, seeking alternatives, silicon steel sheet with a lifesaver.

Some enterprise, finding the right type of silicon steel sheet, conduct pilot experiment, after passing the original high grade of cold rolled silicon steel roll replacement.For example, production of fractional horsepower motors, pump motors, hardware tools, micro motor small motor company, don't need to switch to the width of 1000 mm or 1000 mm cold rolled silicon steel belt replacement, supply market month about 20000 tons.

Some motors, electrical appliances, household appliances manufacturers, the production of mid-range motors, small appliances, household appliances products, just use ordinary steel strip, with general retreat of water known as hot rolled thin strip, using bright annealing cold-rolled steel belt, tons of price is just under 5000 yuan/ton, greatly alleviate the purchasing cost.

And a few small enterprise specialized procurement concessions products edge, Angle of remaining material for cold rolled silicon-steel sheet.Purchase the material of small and medium-sized enterprise is the basic production and mid-range products.Exports and production, military industry and large enterprise of large and medium-sized motor or use domestic mainstream of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet metal production.Small enterprise scale, difficult to form a scale

At present, our country nearly 2000 large and small motor factory, although enterprises large number, but is quite a number of small businesses.Due to many manufacturers and high yield, formed the grab each other interacting, market competition situation.Product quality is uneven, mutually interacting, the phenomenon such as competition, low-margin industry, has become affect motor is the main reason for the enterprise survival and development.

Motor itself is labor-intensive products, reach a certain scale of production is very difficult to make profit, profit is very low, so the industry of national electrical industry employees about 300000 people, 2003 industry profit is only 280 million yuan.Even in some benefits of a good business net profit also amounted to less than 5%.