Global motor market more than $140 billion in 2022

Update:28 Mar 2016

According to the international consultancy observatory […]

According to the international consultancy observatory to study the latest report, global motor market, up from less than $100 billion in 2014 to more than $140 billion in 2022. Observatory, said the study between 2015 and 2022, aims to improve the energy efficiency of the development of technology and regulation policy, driven motor compound annual growth rate will reach 4.5% of the market.

Ac motor, the largest proportion of its revenue in 2014 accounted for more than 70% of the world. In a variety of applications, the ac motor is gradually replacing dc motors become an a key factor to the growth of communication devices.

Or 0.75 kW output power is lower than 1 HP 2014 small power motor income accounted for 90% of total revenue. That same year, high power motor of the revenue generated more than $12 billion. Observatory study is expected between 2015 and 2022, high-power motor compound annual growth rate than low power.

In 2014, the asia-pacific region is one of the biggest motor area market, accounting for over 55% of the global total.

The report forecasts that motor in industrial machinery, hvac equipment and the use of household electrical appliances will increase. In addition, the report also said the ac motor is more widely applied to such as hydraulic suspension system, speed control and adaptive control vehicles such as automotive applications.

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