How to detect the air motor

Update:21 Sep 2018

The internal and external fan motors of household air c […]

The internal and external fan motors of household air conditioners are generally referred to as "internal fans" and "outer fans". There are two types of AC and DC, and the detection methods are also different. The refrigeration encyclopedia shares the detection method of the motor here, as follows:

First, the detection of indoor fan motor (PG motor):

1.Wiring: Whether the wiring of the input and feedback terminals is loose and the contact is poor.

2.Input voltage: use the multimeter AC voltage file test motor input terminal voltage should be above 50V.

3.Running capacitor: power failure test fan operating capacitor capacity is normal.

4.Winding resistance: power failure test resistance between the windings, the normal value should be several hundred ohms.

5.The motor is stuck: whether the bearing is smooth by hand.

6.PG motor feedback signal: use the multimeter DC file test signal (below Figure 2 feet, motherboard feedback terminal 2 feet) and ground (below Figure 3 feet, motherboard feedback terminal left 1 foot) voltage, the normal value of 2.5V or so.

7.PG motor separate power-on test: The above method can not determine whether the fan is faulty. It can be connected to the 220V AC test without the load or the controller.