Head of the State Administration of work safety (SAWS) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) Visit Yongchang Electric Corporation to Investigate and research Safety Production Work(the SCORE Project)

Update:24 Apr 2017

On April 1,2017,Yang Zhihui and other 11 leaders of SAW […]

On April 1,2017,Yang Zhihui and other 11 leaders of SAWS, mayor Fu Wenhu and another leader of Huzhou Safety Supervision Bureau, district mayor Shen Xuefen and other 6 Nanxun district leaders visited Yongchang Electrical Corporation to investigate and research the implementation of SCORE project.

Since 2015, under the guidance of SAWS and ILO and the consultation from  District Safety Supervision Bureau, the launching of the SCORE project in the company has enhanced the self-management and safety awareness of all the staff. The company's on-site environment, process flow, safety standardization, production quality, etc. have also made some progress. After seeing the results, the company leadership has been taking this project as a key project of the weekly EIP proposal. Over the past two years, the company has achieved certain improvement, respectively the improvement of workplace, improvement of quality, productivity enhancement through cleaner production, better human resources, improvement of the occupational health and safety.

Since the company participated in the SCORE project, a total of 221 employee suggestions has been received, 185 improvement programs have been successfully implemented, covering 83.7% of all the improvement programs and saving the cost about ¥200000. 156 hidden troubles has been controlled, safety investment of ¥135000 has been injected, the number of accidents has decreased by 20%, education and training has been improved by 23%. Fruitful results and changes in the attitude of security management, enhancement of self-management capabilities, the elimination and reduction of security risks, innovation and energy saving and other development ideas have been appreciated by all the leaders.


SCORE in Yongchang

SAWS Director Yang speaking

Leader speaking