The difference between energy efficient motor and ordinary motor

Update:01 Nov 2018

Efficient and energy-saving motors use new dd motors de […]

Efficient and energy-saving motors use new dd motors designs, new processes and new materials to improve output efficiency by reducing the loss of electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical energy.Compared with ordinary motors, the energy-saving effect of using high-efficiency motors is very obvious, and the efficiency can be increased by 4% on average. The weight is basically the same.

An energy-efficient motor is a motor with a high efficiency of a general-purpose motor.

Energy efficient motor features:

1.It saves energy and reduces long-term operating costs. It is very suitable for textiles, fans, pumps and compressors. It can recover the cost of motor purchase by saving electricity for one year.

2.Directly start or use the inverter to adjust the speed, and the asynchronous motor can be completely replaced.

3.Rrare earth permanent magnet high-efficiency energy-saving motor itself can save more than 15c / o than ordinary motor.

4.The motor power factor is close to 1, which improves the quality factor of the power grid without adding a power factor compensator.

5.The motor current is small, saving transmission and distribution capacity and extending the overall operating life of the system.