What are the reasons why the fan motor does not turn

Update:12 Oct 2018

Under normal circumstances, the reason why the fan moto […]

Under normal circumstances, the reason why the fan motor does not turn is: winding open circuit, lack of oil holding shaft, abnormal capacitance, and so on. The electric fan motor is mostly followed by two kinds of faults. Let's take a look at how to repair it.

1. Measure the fan operation and the speed control winding. First rotate the fan timer. When a click is heard, the timer is normal. If there is no beep, the timer is broken. If there is no resistance value, it may be that the motor winding is broken. For a motor with a thermal fuse, it may be that the thermal fuse is open, and the motor should be disassembled to see if it is just open circuit, short-circuit the thermal fuse to return to normal. The gear switches are all damaged, but the possibility is not great.

2. Check whether the axle is hung, remove the fan guard, and rotate the motor shaft by hand. If it does not move, the motor has a serious axle. Disassemble the motor, first remove the oil stains and rust on the front and rear bushings and the motor shaft, and then add enough sewing oil to the linoleum of the front and rear bushings. Most electric fans can eliminate the fault.

3. Measure the starting capacitor. If the motor shaft rotates flexibly, measure the starting capacitance of the fan motor. First, use the multimeter R × 100 Ω file to measure the resistance value of the motor fan running, starting and speed regulating windings at both ends of the motor starting capacitor, that is, the resistance values ??of the black and yellow leads.