What kind of car motor can be divided

Update:08 Sep 2018

Automotive air conditioner motors can be divided into t […]

Automotive air conditioner motors can be divided into the following three categories:

1.Brushed DC motor

This is the structural type adopted by most manufacturers of automotive air-conditioning motors. It is scheduled to install permanent magnet steel, turn around the armature winding, and commutate the winding current through the commutator. Most of the installed L-C networks do not suppress the interference to radio waves.

2. Hydraulically driven cooling fan system (eg silicone oil clutch)

The system is generally a drive pump with a reservoir and a drive gear that drives the fan through a fan run controller and a hydraulic oil flow controller that controls the on-off valve and the dual-chamber motor. The output power of such a cooling fan system can be made very large, some up to a dozen horsepower. But the mechanical structure is too complicated.

3. Brushless DC motor

The brushless motor replaces the commutator and the brush with an electronic commutation circuit, which is structurally different from the brushed DC motor.