What motor is used in the washing machine

Update:30 Sep 2018

DC brushless motor for washing machine 1.DC brushless m […]

DC brushless motor for washing machine

1.DC brushless motor has a fast response, large starting torque, from zero speed to rated speed with the ability to provide rated torque, but the advantages of DC motor is also its shortcoming, because DC motor to produce rated Under the load of constant torque performance, the armature magnetic field and the rotor magnetic field must be maintained at 90 °, which is achieved by carbon brushes and commutators.

2. Carbon brushes and commutators generate sparks and carbon powder when the motor rotates. In addition to damage to the components, the use is also limited.

3.AC washing machine motor has no carbon brush and commutator, maintenance-free, sturdy, wide application, but the characteristics to achieve the equivalent of DC motor performance must be achieved with complex control technology.