Why the washing machine motor was burned

Update:11 Aug 2018

The wash machine motors is powered by an AC single-phas […]

The wash machine motors is powered by an AC single-phase motor as a driving washer, drum or dewatering bucket for regular operation. The main reasons for general motor combustion are:

1. The load is too heavy: the power of the washing machine is the space that may be left according to the rated washing capacity of the washing machine and the efficiency of the motor. However, when the weight of the laundry exceeds the rated amount, the motor load increases, the temperature rises, and finally the motor windings are burnt. In addition, long-term overflow (above the high water level) may also causes the motor to overload and burn out the casing.

2.Severely damp: For the washing machine motor, whether the main machine and the auxiliary winding are the washing or dehydration of the motor, are carried out in accordance with the requirements of insulation impregnation treatment, the washing machine must be tested before the factory, after the test is put on the market, it should be said The insulation performance is reliable.

But can't ignore laundry the machine often handles water sources, such as long-term in a humid environment, or due to improper maintenance due to use, and the insulation performance of the motor is degraded due to severe moisture, causing the winding to short-circuit and increase the current, resulting in abnormally high temperatures, resulting in burns to the windings.

3. Forced stop: If the pulsator is caught by the clothes, the parts are rusted or the motor cannot be operated for other reasons, so that the motor is in the startup state for a long time, the starting current will continue.