XD series for semi-auto washing machine motor

XD series for semi-auto washing machine motor


Washing Machine Motor


XD series for semi-auto washing machine motor


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Typical Specifications Performance Parameters

Model Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz) Capacitor(μF) Insulation Class Pated Speed(r/min) Output Power(W) Efficiency(%) Starting Torque(N.m) Max Torque(N.m)
XD-220 220 50 15 E 1350 220 55 1.5 2.2
XD-200 220 50 14 E 1350 200 53 1.4 2
XD-180 220 50 13 E 1350 180 52 1.3 1.8
XD-150 220 50 13 E 1350 150 50 1.25 1.7
1.How long will we get a reply, after sending you our inquiry?
We will get back to you within 12 hours on weekdays since we received the inquiry.
2.Are you a manufacturer or a commercial trading company?
We are a professional electrical motor manufacturer, at the same time, we also have our own international trade department, we sell our own products.
3.What product can you provide?
We mainly produce washing machine motor, dryer motor, air conditioner motor, kitchen appliance motor, fan motor, air purifier motor, food processing machine motor and other several kinds of motors. At present, we have thousands of motor products, we focus on motor control, and also provide customers with specialized motor and systematized solution.
4.What are the mainly application areas of your product?
Our products almost cover the whole household appliance industry, mainly used in washing machine, air conditioner, kitchen appliance, fan, etc. We also provide motor for industry manufacturing equipment.
5.Can you produce customized products?
Yes, we mainly produce customized products. We develop and produce products according to blueprint or sample provided by customer. We can even customize a systematic program and design satisfactory products for our customers according to their opinions and requirements.
6.What’s your company’s production capacity?
At present, our production capacity reaches 30000, annual productivity is more than 10million.
7.How many employees do you have? How many technicians are there?
Company now has more than 450 staffs, of which more than 50 technicians, more than 20 engineers.
8.How does your company guarantee product quality?
We have IQC department, quality will be guaranteed at the initial step. In production, there will be a corresponding test after every process, for the finished product, we will do 100% IQC inspection according to customer’s requirements and international standards; Then, we have the most advanced and completed top testing equipment and system: spectrum analyzer, 3D coordinate measuring machine, Motor comprehensive test machine and hysteretic dynamometer, etc. The above equipment can ensure to provide high quality and high performance final products for customers, at the same time, they also can satisfy customers’ all-round testing requirements of motor.
9.What's the trading term? How about your acceptable payment term?
When offering, we will confrim the trading term with you, FOB, CIF, CNF or any other terms. In mass production, we usually prefer the payment term like 30% prepayment, 70% based on the on board date. Usually, we do business by the payment term T/T, and of course L/C is also acceptable.
10.How are the goods shipped to the customers?
Generally, we ship goods by sea, because we are in Huzhou City, 35km away from Shanghai port, which make the shipment delivery very convenient and economic both for us and customer. Of course, if customers’ goods are urgent, we also provide air delivery, Ningbo airport and Shanghai international airport are close to us.
11.Where do you mainly export your goods?
Our product are mainly exported to 5 continents, 47 countries and regions.  China、Canada、 America、 Colombia、 Brazil、England、 Russia、 Germany、 Jordan、 Russia、 Ukraine、Austria、 Italy、 Algeria、Egypt、 Sudan、 Turkey、 Iran、Bart、Saudi Arabia、Pakistan、 India、Vietnam、 Malaysia、Thailand、 Korea、 Japan、Taiwan、Philippine、 Indonesia.
12.Do you have branch overseas?
Yes, production base: 2 in china, 1 in Philippines, 1 in Egypt. After-sales: China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, India, Philippines.
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