Having been struggling to make our own contribution for sustainable development, we firmly believe that taking a positive attitude is necessary.This will make us keep pace with The Times. Never stop.


Zhejiang Yongchang Electric Corporation is a Professional China DD Motors Manufacturers and Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors Suppliers,we are corporation diversified technology-based company which combines perfectly humanistic ideology with production and development. It is the first company in China motor industry that puts forward this combination, and this idea not only points out the developing direction for the company itself but also presents other motor companies a new subject that worth more consideration.
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why choose us

We have never stopped trying to perfect ourselves. We persist in keeping abreast of the times and standing in the forefront of motor industry and practice. We free our mind, forge ahead and develop with the brave explore.

  • Design Service:

    Full Service Industrial Design.Our team has experience in all fields relating to product design and development.

  • Research & Development:

    Customized Product Needs.Over the years, Yongchang Electric has brought many new products,for examples dd motors and bldc motors to market for both electric motors and machineries

  • Product Sampling:

    Getting Exactly What You Want.One of the biggest worries when purchasing from a Chinese supplier, especially for the first time

  • Production:

    The world class motor Manufacturing in China.We continuously improve our management skill, processing equipment for our customer.